Since 2010, C4j Aviation (CAMO4jets) holds an EASA Part CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Approval. The ability to achieve certification by European Aviation Safety Agency demonstrates competence and commitment of our organization, delivering services up to the highest quality standards of civil aviation industry. In order to maintain this certification we constantly remain under regulatory oversight of Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation and EASA.

The scope of our EASA CAMO approval is among the largest within the industry. It gives us privileges to manage airworthiness and perform airworthiness reviews on majority of in-service narrow/wide body airliners, regional jets; turboprop and business aircraft models registered in all EASA member countries.

EASA Airworthiness Review Privileges

C4j Aviation (CAMO4jets) is fully EASA certified to perform Airworthiness Reviews as per provisions of Part M, Subpart I. Aircraft type privileges granted on our approval are one of the widest within the industry. We have coverage for majority of in-service narrow and wide body airliners, regional jets, turboprops and business jets. Our approved capabilities span from single piston engine aircraft up to wide body airliners, even the Airbus A380. We are authorized to exercise our Airworthiness Review privileges on aircraft registered within all EASA member countries. More so, at C4j Aviation we have vast experience facilitating highly complex Airworthiness Reviews for Import into EASA.


A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, A350, A380 series


ATR 42/72 series


B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, MD80, MD90, B717, MD11 series


Challenger 600/601/604/605, Challenger 300/350, BD700 Global Express series, Canadair Regional Jet 100/200/700/900/1000 series, Dash 8 100/200/300/400 series

British Aerospace2020-03-03T16:42:58+01:00

Bae 146/Avro RJ series


Citation series I, II, Bravo, V, Ultra, Encore, CJ/CJ1/CJ2/CJ3/CJ4, III, VI, VII, XL/XLS, X, Sovereign, Mustang, Model 425 (Corsair/Conquest with PT6 turbine engines)

Dassault Aviation2020-03-03T16:43:30+01:00

Falcon 10/100, 20/200, 50, 900, 2000, 7X series


328-100/300 series


EMB 135/145, ERJ 170/175, ERJ 190/195 series, Legacy 600/650, Phenom 100, Phenom 300 series


F27/F50 series

Gulfstream Aerospace2020-03-03T16:44:33+01:00

G-VI/G-V/G300/G350/G400/G450/G500/G550/G650 series, Galaxy/G200 series, G100/G150/1125 series, Israel Aircraft Industries 1121/1123/1124 series

Hawker Beechcraft2020-03-03T16:44:50+01:00

King Air series (90/100/200/300/350), Model 1900 series, Hawker 400 series (including Nextant XTi) Premier I series, Hawker 750/800/850/900/1000 series


Model 40/45, 70/75, 55, 60 series


SF 340, S2000 series

CAA of Cayman Islands

In 2011, C4j Aviation (CAMO4jets) received the OTAR 39, Option 1 Continuing Airworthiness Management certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of Cayman Islands. Within the scope of this approval we are authorized to manage airworthiness of VP-C registered aircraft, utilizing the same type privileges as those granted by to us by our EASA approval.

Do not hesitate to contact our team today to learn what airworthiness solution we can offer for your Cayman Island registered aircraft..

We are proud to be the CAMO provider for Cayman Airways, the national flag carrier of Cayman Islands.

Guernsey Aircraft Registry (2-REG)

In 2014 we have received the CAMO certification issued by Guernsey Aircraft Registry (2-REG). C4j Aviation (CAMO4jets) has been the first organization approved for Continuing Airworthiness Management after the 2-REG registry opened in December 2013. Within the scope of this approval we are authorized to manage airworthiness of 2-REG registered aircraft, utilizing the same type privileges as those granted by our EASA approval.

Contact our team to learn what airworthiness solutions C4j Aviation can provide for your 2-REG aircraft.

Bermuda CAA

CAMO4jets holds the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization approval granted by Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority. Within scope of the BCAA CAMO approval we are authorized to manage airworthiness of Bermuda registered aircraft, utilizing exactly the same aircraft type privileges as those granted by our EASA approval. Whether you operate a Bermuda registered business jet, airliner or have your off-lease aircraft on temporary registration there, CAMO4jets will have the right solution to support its airworthiness.

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