Leasing Technical Services

Managing the technical aspects of aircraft leasing and financing remains one of the core activities of C4j Aviation. We specialize in leased aircraft transactions and manage many each year. We also have a thorough understanding of the aircraft finance industry. This combined with our airworthiness management and engineering expertise, this creates a unique platform for C4j Aviation to handle all of your technical aircraft leasing requirements.

We provide services to a wide range of clients, so whether you need to accept, return or deliver an aircraft, C4j Aviation will tailor the right solution for you. We also provide effective auditing and leased asset technical management solutions, including off-lease aircraft airworthiness management.

Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAMO)

As an independent provider with specialized expertise and highly skilled staff, C4j Aviation holds one of the industry’s widest ranges of CAMO approvals. We hold certifications by EASA, Cayman Islands CAA and the Guernsey Aircraft Registry (2-REG). We are also an accepted provider by the registries of Aruba and Isle of Man. Our approval privileges include a wide range of airliners, regional jets, turboprops, and business jet types. C4j Aviation also provides CAMO support to lessors and investors looking to keep their aircraft technically fit and compliant during off-lease and remarketing periods.

We are committed to ensuring the optimization and cost-effectiveness of your maintenance operations and fleet reliability. With C4j Aviation, you can rest assured that the technical aspects of aircraft operation become a valued asset to your daily routine.

EASA Airworthiness Review Privileges

C4j Aviation has held EASA Part M, Subpart G & I Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Approval since 2010. The ability to achieve EASA certification demonstrates the competence and commitment of our organization, delivering services up to the highest quality standards of the civil aviation industry. To maintain this certification, we constantly remain under the regulatory oversight of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation and EASA.

The scope of our EASA CAMO approval is among the largest within the industry. It gives us privileges to manage airworthiness and perform airworthiness reviews on the majority of in-service narrow and wide-body airliners, regional jets; turboprop and business aircraft models registered in all EASA member countries.

List of certificates


Managing the technical and maintenance aspects that come with operating a modern aircraft can be challenging and complex

At C4j Aviation, we take the time to understand your needs and put together cost-effective, tailored solutions. Our team of highly skilled engineers and consultants provides a full range of services for owners and operators worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a solution to support your engineering department during peak periods, an experienced engineer to supervise a maintenance check, preparation of a maintenance program, assistance with import/export or a registration change process, the C4j Aviation team is ready to help.

VIP Interior Completion Management

VIP aircraft interior completion is one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in aviation. From vision to reality, an array of designers, engineers and suppliers come together to create the final product.

At C4j Aviation, we understand how important it is to create your unique space for the ultimate travel experience, and our knowledge of the industry allows us to oversee the project and articulate your vision. We ensure we have the highest quality materials and the finest workmanship available to take care of your aircraft, whilst also taking economic factors into account. This, combined with our expertise in both the EASA and FAA certification processes and our attention to both technical and aesthetic elements, ensures outstanding results.